Friday, April 29, 2005

Mother Goose day at school

I woke up this morning with this message on my answering machine:
Hi. Jenny has Mother Goose day today, and she was trying to be a dog, and half the costume is at your house. We are trying to go over to your house and see if we can make it and get to school on time. Anyway, I was hoping that you were awake. Goodbye.
The schools find any excuse they can to do something other than teach the students. My wife takes these silly diversions more seriously than letting the kids see their father. Sigh.

They never did show up this morning. As far as I know, anyway. Maybe she snuck in and out without waking me. I doubt it, though, as usually she is in a panic to get to school on time and has no extra time.

Update: The kids have informed me that they really did show up in the morning before school, and prowl around looking for a doggie costume while I was asleep.

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