Monday, January 17, 2005

Psychology is like a religion

Bob suggests:
I have a great idea for you to discredit the psychologist in court. Just compare the field of psychology to religion, and the judge will understand that it is worthless.
Hmmm. Maybe I should find out whether the judge goes to church first. Bob adds:
If the judge goes to church, you have it made. Most people don't favor rival religions. If the judge is in therapy, you may have a problem.
Bob also sends this local story:
Wednesday's fatal police shooting was the first in Fremont since Feb. 19, 1998, when Fremont police killed Michael Frederick Samson, a child psychologist involved in local education issues, as he lifted a large ax and stood ready to strike his wife and young daughter.
No, not all child psychologists are ax murderers, but I'd be willing to bet that they are less mentally stable and rational than the general population.


Anonymous said...

Before making arbitrary assumptions that all child psychologist are mentally unstable, and especially before you go poking fun at a factor someones personal experience as you did in citing this local story, you should take into consideration that Michael had a son and 3 other daughters, one of which does not appreciate your using this excruciatingly painful history to make a joke for your own benefit.

George said...

It is not a joke. It is just an example from the newspaper. I am sorry for your loss.