Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I get my day in court

I survived a day in court. My wife's lawyer called an emergency motion to postpone our Friday hearing. She (the lawyer) said that she was recovering from having her gall bladder removed.

I showed up with a 6-page brief. At first the judge refused it. He said, "If you are just giving it to me now, then you as might as well keep it." I pointed out that I just had a couple of days notice, and could not have gotten it to him sooner. So he took it.

The judge ended up denying my wife's motion, and leaving the Friday hearing on the schedule. Then my wife's lawyer demanded attorneys fees for having to bring an emergency motion, and the judge ordered me to pay her $1,000!

It makes no sense to me. She brings an unnecessary losing motion, and I have to pay her for trouble in wasting the court's time!

Oh well, I guess I'd rather pay her for a motion that she loses, than pay her for a motion that she wins.

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