Friday, January 14, 2005

Days for dollars

This Canadian story says:
The last thing Joanne Contino expected after she increased her ex-husband's access to their son was to see a judge slash her child-support payments. ...

In short, the court will consider whether an increase in access time mandates a reduction in child support -- a notion that has been dubbed "days for dollars."

"It is fundamentally wrong to link custody and support," Mrs. Contino states in a brief filed by her lawyers, MacDonald & Partners, LLP. The brief warns that single mothers and children will inevitably be those who suffer most from such a trend.
So women have already discovered that they can collect child support without spending it on the kids, and now this Canadian wants child support payments without even having to take care of the boy.

On the subject of child support, someone writes:
At the heart of child support is the notion that one parent can be replaced by money. It has become a tax-free economic incentive to destroy marriages and families.
and recommends The Law And Economics Of Child Support Payments by William S. Comanor.

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