Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Male, pro-feminist, homosocialist

I just listened to Hugo Schwyzer on the Glenn Sacks radio show. He teaches gender studies at a community college, and he recites the feminist line about men always exploiting women. He subscribes to a theory called homosociality that says men are only attracted to beautiful women for the purpose of impressing other men. They guy is so kooky that it is hard to believe he is serious. You can download the mp3 and listen for yourself.

Schwyzer also comments on how he and Sacks were very friendly to each other, even tho they vehemently disagreed on the air. He says:
If I were a woman who had come to the feminist movement out of my own intimate experiences of oppression and brutalization, there is no way in hell I could have bantered so freely and so warmly with a man who held such radically different views from my own.
Yes, the female prof who walked out Of Summers' speech is unlikely to banter freely and warmly with someone of differing views. Most woman don't learn how to respectfully disagree with someone.

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