Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CPS blocks newspaper coverage

There have only been a handful of cases of prior restraint of press publication in the entire history of the USA. One was the Pentagon Papers, involving classified Vietnam War intelligence. Another involved nuclear bomb secrets. In each case, the courts have eventually ruled that the press cannot be restrained, not even temporarily. A newspaper could be sued for libel, or even criminally punished in some cases, but publication cannot be stopped because of the First Amendment freedom of the press.

Now there is a new case of prior restraint. A law prof reports:
The Indiana Court of Appeals granted a request Friday that prevents The Tribune from publishing records the newspaper obtained from the Department of Child Services.

The appeals court’s ruling came three days after a local judge ordered the release of phone records from DCS’s child abuse hotline related to 10-year-old Tramelle Sturgis and his family …. The records include four audio recordings of hotline calls and accompanying transcripts related to Tramelle, who was found tortured and killed in his home Nov. 4.
In other words, CPS sought this order in an attempt to cover up its own complicity in someone's death.

The professor notes that this is being reversed, but it is nevertheless startling and revealing that CPS lawyers and judges would go so far to protect CPS from criticism. I am convinced that CPS is corrupt to the core, and that it will always be corrupt until everything it does is exposed to the public.

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