Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Shrink says we are both good parents

Here is how Palo Alto psychologist Ken Perlmutter compared me to my ex-wife, in a deposition:
Q. And did you find evidence favoring one parent
over the other?

A. I found existence of what the current
situation is. She's not a better parent than you.
She's not -- they are not more in love with her than
you. They've developed a different relationship with
her based on the fact that you've spent minimum time
with them over the last two and a half years.
So we are equally good parents, but my ex-wife lied to get temporary sole custody three years ago, and all the psychologist did was to recommend that the temporary custody continue for a few more months. For that, we paid him $28,000.

I do not know what the judge will do with this. Without any testimony that my ex-wife is any better than I am, I don't see how she can continue to deny me from seeing my kids.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that bud. Just another case of a man getting screwed over by the family court systm I am in Illinois and dealing with the results of a wife lying on the stand about herself - denying that she said she wanted to throuw our son down the stairs, denying she said she wanted to brake his arms when she was changing his onesey... They all lie, and, the judges believe them. Stay strong, and NEVER give up. What goes around comes around....