Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ex-wife admits calling CPS

My custody trial continued yesterday, with my ex-wife and myself testifying. After three years of denying it, she finally admitted that she called CPS and attempted to persuade the CPS agent to take some sort of emergency action because our kids had missed a day of school.

She also complained about this blog.

I had thought that yesterday would be the final day of trial, but now it looks like it could continue until the kids are 18 years old. The judge shows no interest in resolving anything. She indicated that she may make some sort of decision next month, but it might be to have some more evaluations so we can go back to court in several months with some more reports. This has been going on for six years already, and there is no end in sight.

My ex-wife said that she wanted me to change, so I asked her how. I asked her to be as specific as possible. She said that she could not think of anything, but that Ken Perlmutter had collected some suggestions from our 11-year-old daughter, such as having more food. Meanwhile, Judge Morse said that my ex-wife's opinion is irrelevant, because the court only wants to consider how Perlmutter wants me to change. But he did not really explain it any better than my ex-wife, as he could not find any fault with any of my parenting practices.

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Anonymous said...

amazing, and this judge is better than the last schmuck who was fired? This whole thing reminds me of a lyric from a famous punk rock band that goes: "....don't know what I want, but I know how to get it...". Best of luck, glad you got it out of your ex she called CPS and not the school. Lawyers... what was that Shakespearian solution to them again?