Friday, February 11, 2011

Boy committed for 48 hours

This story was all over the local California TV news:
A southern California elementary school student is taken by an ambulance to a psychiatric hospital because of a picture he drew in class. His mother says her son suffers from separation anxiety because his dad is in the army and deployed overseas and the school overreacted.

Syndi Dorman says "I said can you do this and they're like yeah, I'm just like what! Can I get a lawyer? How is this happening?"

Syndi Dorman says what happened to her son could happen to any school-age child and that's why she's speaking out. On Monday, her 6-year-old son Jack was committed to a psychiatric ward against her wishes after he drew a violent drawing at school and wrote that he wanted to die.

Syndi says "they said they were concerned about a picture he drew. I said he plays video games and it's a picture from a video game." ...

Jack was released after 48 hours, but his mother says the experience will have lasting effects.

Syndi says "my son doesn't want to go back to school. He's afraid they're going to take him away again."
At least she got the kid back after 48 hours. My kids were seized for much more trivial reasons three years ago, and I still have not gotten them back. And it was all because my ex-wife called CPS and lied to them about emotional abuse.

It would have been better if my kids had been committed to a psychiatric ward. Then the shrinks would have had 72 hours to decide something. In my case, it took the authorities three years to say that there was no abuse of any form, that my ex-wife's accusations were entirely unfounded, and I still cannot get my kids back.

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