Thursday, December 09, 2010

The root of Assange's rage

The Wikipedia article on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange explains some of his hostility towards govt officials keeping secrets:
In 1989, Assange started living with his girlfriend and they had a son, Daniel. She separated from him after the 1991 police raid and took their son. They engaged in a lengthy custody struggle, and did not agree on a custody arrangement until 1999. The entire process prompted Assange and his mother to form Parent Inquiry Into Child Protection, an activist group centered on creating a "central databank" for otherwise inaccessible legal records related to child custody issues in Australia.
Or, as a London newspaper says:
At around this time Assange split up with his girlfriend, with whom he had a child, and then pursued a long and unsuccessful custody battle which further embittered him towards authority. By the end, his mother says, the strain had turned his hair from brown to white.
My ex-wife has used secret documents to falsely label our kids as abused kids and gain custody of them. She complained to CPS that I was an emotional abuser, and managed to convince the CPS agent of some gripes about my parenting style. But the CPS report and testimony said that CPS was not able to find any specific abuse.

I would post the quotes from the CPS findings that there was no abuse, but my ex-wife managed to get an order from Cmr. Irwin Joseph forbidding me to do that. As a result, our kids are growing up without a father, and everyone in town thinks that they are abused kids.

When govt agencies are allowed to keep secrets, they always use the power to cover up their own incompetence and corruption.

The court-appointed psychologist, Ken Perlmutter, also made a determination that there was no abuse. I am supposed to keep quiet about that also, because Calif. Family Code 3111(d) forbids an "unwarranted disclosure of a written confidential report", whatever that is.

WikiLeaks seems irresponsible and destructive. But so is using govt secrecy to prevent kids from seeing their fathers. I would rather just post all the documents in my case, as they would prove that my kids were not abused.


Anonymous said...

what on earth happened between you and your ex to create such mistrust and hostility? something else must have happened that you are not sharing. seldom to never does someone get themselves into this position while faultless.

Anonymous said...

actually it happens quite frequently, at least here in NorCal. I know of 5 other dads in this county (including George) who've undergone almost exactly the same thing. And this is a county of about 250,000 people, one of the smallest in the state. There's others in nearby counties as well. What George and my ex have in common is that they're both involved (or were) in the legal profession. Can't answer for the others I know. Yes, it takes two to tango, but the responses are assymetrical. At the end of the day, just sociopathic behavior w/attendent narcissism and an overly enhanced sense of entitlement. And a corrupt hyperfeminist/anti-male system to enahle that behavior. Oh, and lots and lots of parasites on the system like social workers and shrinks taking out there unhappy childhoods and warped unscientifically supported ideologies on everyone else. And making a lot of money whilst at it. Can't reduce it to anything more simply after swimming in this sewage for almost 9 years.

reddog48 said...

Nobody has more stories about Joseph than me...Joseph is in Federal Court in Eastern Michigan as a defendant...[December 2010]
he screwed with the wrong guy...and I'll post the finding

Anonymous said...

you're talking about the former Commissioner Irwin Joseph of Santa Cruz County, CA, right? If so, what on earth is he doing in federal court in MI??!! He's originally from SoCal as far as I know. Looking forward to hearing/reading more.