Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Perlmutter testifies

We had another day of trial, with Palo Alto psychologist Ken Perlmutter testifying. He testified that he had a mistaken understanding that I had already lost legal custody, but he wrote the order to take away legal and would have done it even if my ex-wife had told him the truth. For many questions, he said that he was not competent to understand the legal history of our case. I post more on his opinions later.

Earlier in the day, I saw the judge lecture a mom about getting the dad into the child's life. Apparently the parents were busted for illegal drugs, and CPS took their baby. CPS put them on a reunification plan where they go into rehab, take parenting, and have regular testing to get the kid back. The mom did it and got the kid back. The left town, and did not see them for 5 years.

Now, 5 years later, the dad wants visitation. The mom says that he never did the rehab or other requirements, and the kid does not even recognize him. He got 3 hours visitation per week, supervised by his parents (the child's grandparents). He got a better deal than I got!

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