Wednesday, December 08, 2010

New film against lying moms

Someone sent me this claim, from
Lancaster, PA, December 8th, 2010 – With only a camcorder, unique strategy and a refusal to back down, Bennett J. Vonderheide single-handedly stood up against false accusations of domestic violence and the system that fuels them. But unlike the millions who tried and failed before he won!

Creating Daddy Justice via his, "Michael Moore on steroids," guerrilla filming style, he inspired the first conviction ever in America for perjury in custody court and much more. Eventually politicians, the district attorney, judges and government agencies took action to correct the anti-male, "status quo," as a result of his expose’. Now this extreme footage is going public for the first time.
This fellow angry dad has a polished film trailer on his site. On it he says, "I am going to film every bit of the process, while they steal my son."

That is the way I feel, in maintaining this blog. Maybe I cannot stop them from stealing my daughters, but at least I can document what they are doing.

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