Friday, July 02, 2010

Fired commissioner puts up his shingle

The former local family court commissioner has set up shop as a mediator:
This website was created to provide information about my commitment to settling disputes without trial through modern, innovative dispute resolution techniques. After almost ten years on the bench as a Superior Court Commissioner, it became increasingly clear that Consensual Dispute Resolution is not only the newest method of dispute resolution--it’s the best.

I’m pleased to be able to offer my services as a skilled mediator to those interested in cooperative and collaborative resolution of disputes in all areas of the law. ...

My private judging, mediation and arbitration practice began with my retirement from the bench in July, 2010.
His fee is $350 per hour. An anonymous comment on this blog reported a rumor that he was going to become a mediator.

While he was a commissioner, he always claimed that he did not read this blog because he was prohibited. Instead, one of his employees monitored the blog. One time he wrote my ex-wife a letter inviting her to bring a motion against me because of what his employee reported finding on the blog.

I am going to give him some free marketing advice, just in case he is free to read the blog himself now. Learn to use CAPS LOCK. When you press the caps lock key, a little light comes on. It is usually on the upper right part of the keyboard. Then the lower case keys become upper case. Unless you press the shift key. It works a little different from a typewriter, but you can get used to it.

You always used upper case for your court minute orders, but you had a captive audience then. People don't like reading upper case. There is a reason that books are not written in upper case. About half of your web site is in upper case. It makes it sound like you are some jerk commissioner judge wannabe trying to give orders. I know that you do not want to give that impression.

I see that you require your clients to pay all the fees in advance. Once you get their money, you can use upper case all you want. But until then, you might attract more clients with judicious use of that caps locks key.

You're welcome. No charge for this advice.


Anonymous said...

nice of you to advise him on the ways of website construction, George, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts he won't read this. He was known as "The Illiterate Judge" by all the clerks and staff in the court records dept as he was notorious for not bothering to read the files sent to him before he judged cases. I recall turning in reams of requested receipts etc and the clerk just rolling her eyes and asking me " know he just won't read it...". He also neglected to read the 9 pp court ordered shrink report that described in detail my ex brainwashing my kids a la PAS. He even admitted as such during the proceedings, only the sentence in there where the kids state they didn't want to see me (obviously if they're brainwashed in PAS). I guess Santa Cruz County hasn't suffered enough damage with this guy on the bench but at least now he'll be off taxpayer dollars. Oh wait, I forgot about those generous "retirement" bene's he'll be getting as a former state employee....

Anonymous said...

roflmao. advice for web newbie indeed. Caps are for SHOUTING.

Glad I wasn't drinking any liquid refreshments!!