Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cops chase dad with his own kids

The local newspaper has this front page story:
WATSONVILLE -- Five years have passed since siblings Carlos Pacheco and Hazel Bracamontes were abducted from their foster parents' Watsonville home on a Sunday morning.

The boy was a year old. His sister was 3.

Police believe their father, Adrian Pacheco, now 32, drove his children to Mexico, though a recent report indicated they might be back in the United States. ...

"The problem is the children got taken from the parents for a reason," Watsonville Sgt. Saul Gonzalez said. "That reason, I don't know, but they were placed in the foster system." ...

"He just took advantage of it and left before the courts and Child Protective Services deemed it was OK for him to do that," Gonzalez said. ...

Pacheco is wanted for two counts of parental abduction, which is a felony.
The cops have spent 5 years searching for this guy. And yet, for all anyone knows, the man is a good father, the kids are safe, and no one is complaining.

Just the cops who say that CPS had not deemed that it was OK. But the cops don't even know why CPS intervened in the first place. They just assume that CPS had some good reason. Maybe it did not.

My guess is that CPS had no good grounds for acting in the first place, or they would have told the cops. Now they just want to catch and teach him a lesson.

I don't want to justify parental abduction, but surely the local cops have better things to do than to chase this guy to Mexico when his only offense is that he moved without the blessing of CPS. We have had a big upsurge in gang violence. The cops should do something about that.

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