Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dead dog after split

This Wash. Post story sounds ridiculous. The dog Delta was sleeping with the husband, but the 67-year-old wife took it to Virginia:
But in the bitterness of separation after 38 years of marriage, Charles said, she insisted on bringing Delta with her as she moved out east. “My family said, 'just let it go' when she said she wanted the dog.” So, he did.

Eleven days later Delta was dead.
Her legal troubles began when she told Costco why she was returning the dog food!
After Cathryn returned to the vehicle, investigators say she went back inside the Costco and returned the dog food, bedding and treats she had purchased. At that point, she told Costco employees the dog was dead, authorities said.

A worker followed Cathryn out to her car and saw what appeared to be a dead dog. The store notified Frederick Animal Control, ...
Wow, I thought that Costco employees never cared why anyone was returning anything. But I guess that the employee thought that it was suspicious that woman would buy dog food and then immediately return it because the dog was dead.
A woman has been charged with animal cruelty after her yellow Labrador retriever died in an overheated car while she shopped at a Costco in Frederick, authorities said.
The way our society is headed, we will soon have people saying that this could have all been prevented by having the family court appoint a dog psychologist to do an evaluation of the best interest of the dog.

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