Saturday, April 03, 2010

Santa Cruz court change

The Santa Cruz courts have been reorganized again:
SANTA CRUZ -- Beginning July 1 all criminal matters, except for juvenile matters, will be handled in Santa Cruz as part of a massive consolidation announced Tuesday by county court officials.

Watsonville will host juvenile court as well as family law and dependency court, according to Presiding Judge Jeff Almquist.
Already, the judicial assignments have been changed. Judge Heather D. Morse has replaced Judge John S. Salazar in the family court.

I don't know what this is all about. The complaints seem to be that Watsonville has a new courthouse, and most of the county's criminals, but they now have to come to Santa Cruz for trial.

Every time there is a change in the family court, I figure that it is likely to be an improvement. I haven't heard anything bad about Judge Morse yet.


Unknown said...

Judge Salazar's wife is dying, I think. So heather Morse is taking over Family Court.

Ernesto said...

My son lives in Santa Cruz with his mother....we are divorced and have been in a seven year custody battle. The supervising attorney assigned by the court is Allison Cruz and the "reunification" therapist is Tamara Ellis. Do you have any professional information on these two people? So far, I'm not impressed.

George said...

This is some info on Ellis that has been posted in this blog. That is all I have. I am not impressed with anyone in Santa Cruz.