Thursday, April 01, 2010

Marital spat in court and ballot box

Here is another bogus protection order case:
Linda Fischer, 39, filed court documents Friday accusing her husband of grabbing her arms and waist to try to wrestle away her cell phone and of sending her harassing text messages. She said she was so afraid that she has been sleeping in her daughter's room with the door locked.
Notice how ridiculous this is. She is still married to him, and living under the same roof. Wrestling her cell phone away sounds trivial to me. And she is obviously not really afraid, or she would get out of the house.

This is not news so far. It would be just a "dog bites man" story, and they say in the journalism trade. It happens every day. It is news because the woman is a US Congresswoman!

And it is news because his husband is running against her reelection:
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - An eastern Missouri lawmaker is facing an election challenge from her own husband, whom she accuses him of physical violence. He denies the allegations.
He is running as a Republican, and she is a Democrat.
John Fischer, 51, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he had a verbal confrontation with his wife in March, but he denied any physical confrontation. He said he has asked for a polygraph test to determine if he is lying.

"I have never abused my wife, ever," said John Fischer, noting that he did not want his comments to be interpreted as a criticism of his wife. He later added, "I have never threatened my wife that she had to fear for her life."
He doesn't want to criticize his wife? After she filed false and malicious court papers against him? I guess the voters will be able to take sides in November.

Update: Fellow angry dad Dan makes a good comment below:
"Dangerous" people do not let a interior door stop them, ...

If someone you believe who may kill you wants your cell phone, give it to them. ...
There is a scene is the movie Gone With The Wind where Scarlett announces that she is going to lock the bedroom door, and Rhett says that no door lock would keep him out, if he really wanted to go in.

And while the Fischers wrestling for a cell phone may sound rude, it proves that she is not afraid of him.

When I have made points like these before, people sometimes argue that the women who need protection are often poor, uneducated, irrational, paranoid, delusional, and/or unstable, and may want protection regardless of the contradictions in her request. Maybe so, but the woman in this story is a US Congresswoman! If she cannot file a coherent complaint to the court about her husband, then surely she is not competent to make laws that apply to all of us.

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Dan Brewington said...

I addressed something along the same lines in my blog today. This woman claims that she was so afraid of her husband that she sleeps in her daughter's room with the door locked. Today I wrote about how my ex testified in court that I was out of control and she locked her and our two daughters in the bathroom and ran water and sang songs to drown out my yelling. "Dangerous" people do not let a interior door stop them, especially if the key to the bathroom door is above the door's woodwork. Did this lady have a police escort to assist her in maneuvering around the house when she was outside the safety of her daughter's room? Being inside the grizzly bear exhibit at the zoo is dangerous. You know better than to sleep in the bear's den. If you feel you have to hide in your own home while you sleep because the other person may kill you, you should LEAVE. If someone holds a gun to your head and demands your watch, give them your watch. If someone you believe who may kill you wants your cell phone, give it to them. If your claim you risked your life for your cell phone, your life probably was never at risk. This is all women have to do. Create ridiculously contemptuous situations within the home. If the man snaps, he's in trouble. If he doesn't, he's still in trouble because the woman gets credit for her bravery in dealing with a fictional hostile environment. I think they should just disqualify this congressional district for the next 2 years.