Thursday, October 15, 2009

California math scores among the lowest

The SF CA newspaper reports:
(10-14) 09:25 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- Thank goodness for Mississippi and Alabama.

If not for the two southern states, California students would be at the bottom of the national heap in mathematics, according to the 2009 Nation's Report Card released Wednesday.

The abysmal standing, which reflects in part the state's diverse population, hasn't changed much over the years. California consistently has ranked among the lowest-scoring states in the biennial National Assessment of Educational Progress, a federally mandated assessment of a sampling of fourth- and eighth-graders across the country.
No, the problem is not the state's diverse population. Here is Si Valley, the best students are the first-generation Chinese, Indian, and Vietnamese students.

My kids attended a grade school where the teachers hate math. They use lousy textbooks and they do not know how to teach it. Some of them cannot even do do simple 3rd-grade arithmetic without a calculator.

CPS agent Sally Mitchell thinks that teaching math to a girl is child abuse. She complained about it six times in her report against me. I would quote her here, but I am under court orders not to, because it would embarrass her and the court.

I am allowed to quote Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph. After hearing the testimony, here was his main argument in favor of me emotionally abusing my kids:
He does not understand how it makes them feel when he proposes that one enter a contest that she is unqualified because of her age or grade level to enter and she knows it, but Dad insists that she do it anyway.
About 80% of the kids in California are unqualified to do math at their grade level. I chose to do something about it. For that, Cmr. Joseph took my kids away.

All I did was to enroll my kids in a County-sponsored math contest for grade-school students.

Thousands of Asians families around here know that the schools don't teach math adequately, and they supplement their kids' instruction. If I had been Asian, I probably would have been given a pass because CPS would have thought that academic achievement was some sort of cultural quirk. Instead I got some dumb white woman who thinks that teaching math to a girl is child abuse, and some idiot commissioner judge-wannabe who does not even know the legal definition of child abuse.

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Anonymous said...

Come on math tests ? Alarm clocks ? Vegetable selection ? Hairbrushing ? None of this is to be taken seriously, is it ?

These sort of "allegations" were made at the same time when your ex. was damning you for making sure that the kids were with her on MOTHER'S DAY !!

Don't take any of seriously. It's just fodder to keep you coming back, in order to camoflage the seizure of assets and future earnings, that are sure to follow.