Friday, June 27, 2008

CPS filed a secret legal brief

In the court record I found a legal brief in support of confidentiality from a CPS (aka HRA) lawyer. I had never received a copy. It includes goofy requests like this:
If the Court holds an in camera review and determines that all or part of the information should be disclosed to the requesting party, then the Court is requested to order the following: ...

7. That at the conclusion of t his case, all counsel be required to destroy whatever documents were released to them or return their copy to HRA's attorney of record (OFFICE OF SANTA CRUZ COLNTY COLNSEL, Attention: SHANNON M. SULLIVAN, Assistant County Counsel, 701 Ocean Street, Room 505, Santa Cruz,
California 95060).
I guess this is how they try to shelter themselves from criticism. They file secret legal briefs with the court asking for a secret review of the papers and an order to destroy copies!

No, there isn't much chance I will be destroying the documents. The document proves bad conduct on the part of Sally Mitchell and others at CPS. I have posted excerpts on this blog already, and I will be posting more to the extent that the law allows.

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