Saturday, December 01, 2007

Supervised visitation

One of the court-approved visitation superivisors finally called me back. She said that there are just three of them in the county, and they each charge $50 per hour. For that, she meets you at a public park, spies on your interactions with the kid, and files a report to the court.

To get on her schedule, you have to first have to do an intake interview with her and sign a bunch of contracts. So does the other parent. Currently she has a waiting list, and other two supervisors are also very busy.

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Anonymous said...

Stumbled on your Blog. Know a bit about this in my CA county. Try to get the Court appointed Attorney to recommend a civilian supervisor for visitation. Get him to make a recommendation. He should acknowledge that some kind of visitation is preferable to no visitation. Then you are on record as trying to foster visitation under the court orders, he is on record as favoring your visitation and assisting you in visitation. Then your wife will be forced to resist his recommended supervisor.