Sunday, December 02, 2007

Put on Child Abuse Central Index

I just got this in the mail:
Family and Children's Services completed an investigation of suspected child abuse that it found to be either substantiated or inconclusive. Family and Children's Services submitted a report of this investigation to the California Department of Justice's Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) on form SS 8583 per the requirements in Penal Code Sections 11169(a) and (b). The CACI serves as a repository for all such reports (Penal Code Sections 11170(a) and (b)). Penal Code Section 11169(b) requires Family and Children's Services to notify any person named as a suspect in a child abuse report submitted to the CACI.

Law enforcement agencies, probation departments, county welfare agencies, and district attorneys access the CACI when conducting investigations of child abuse, The CACI is also accessed by court investigators and licensing agency personnel to screen individuals for child placement and licensure or employment in positions involving the care of children. If any of these entities receive a child abuse report from the CACI, they are required to review the child abuse allegations as part of their screening process and to draw an independent conclusion about the allegations. Reports of suspected child abuse maintained in the CACI are confidential and may be disclosed only to statutorily authorized parties (Penal Code Section 11167.5).
I have not yet seen the report.


Anonymous said...

You seem like a terse, abrupt, to the point kind of guy. This is not a crime.

It sounds like a classic case of parental alienation syndrome.

As a child victim of that, I can only ask you not to blame your kids for what they are doing. Children are so easily manipulated by their mother; it's almost instinctual for them to trust her. My mother did it to me.

Stay strong. Their road to Damascus moment will come. When they break free from her abuse, and find out that you're a good man after all, that will be the day that they really need you, to still love them, after all. Even after everything.

But you'll have to weather a mighty storm before that day, George. Sorry to say.

The laws are insane.

George said...

Thanks for your support. I will have more to say about the CACI, when I learn more.