Monday, May 07, 2007

Three-way custody

Here is a Penn. case in which custody of two kids is divided between two lesbians and a sperm donor!

Update: There is another aspect to this story that I overlooked. A Penn. paper says:
A man who donated sperm for a lesbian couple's two children must pay support, the state Superior Court ordered in a ruling that legal experts are calling a precedent.

In reaching the decision, the three-judge panel said that since Carl L. Frampton Jr., who died while the case was pending, had involved himself as a stepparent, he assumed some of the parenting duties.

Legal experts say the ruling is unique in making more than two people responsible for a child. It also brings into question when a sperm donor is liable for support, though at least one expert said the ruling shouldn't worry truly anonymous donors. ...

As part of the Superior Court order, a Dauphin County judge was directed to establish how much Frampton would have to pay Jacob.

Reynosa, wants Frampton's support obligation, which might have to come from his Social Security survivor benefits, to be made retroactive to when Jacob first filed for support. His support payments might also help reduce Shultz-Jacob's monthly obligation.
So a dead sperm donor is being forced to pay support to a couple of lesbians who want to raise a child!

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DF said...

I have thought for some time now, so long as we have a 'child support (mother support)' system in effect that doctors who do in vitro or any part of that process should be responsible for child support when needed.