Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dr. Phil on Alec Baldwin

Dr. Phil McGraw was on the Jay Leno TV show, defending Alec Baldwin in his custody battle. He said that no parent should be judged by one private conversation, and that parental alienation is rightly treated harshly in many states where it can result in a parent losing all rights. He implied that Kim Basinger was really the one at fault for releasing the phone recording to the press.

But then Dr. Phil recommends that the court appoint a guardian ad litem -- an attorney who will advocate the interests of the child.

Huhh? Baldwin and Basinger have been battling over custody in court for about five years already, and it is all going to be solved by getting another lawyer in on the action? I doubt it. The problem is that there is an incompetent judge who has already wasted too many years doing futile evaluations of trivial evidence. He should just split the custody and dismiss the case.


Anonymous said...

Agree! Split the custody so that the child is no longer used in a tug of war. This will force them to be civil for the sake of the child.

States and family courts create non-custodial parents for the sake of profit under Title IV-D welfare services. Dads need to start speaking out loud. No longer should you stand by and keep taking it. Stop shrugging your shoulders and accepting this. Organize, become political and do things to get media attention such as:

Angela Pedersen, R.N.

DF said...

Sometimes I think its because those with power and participation in the court have a personal view of 'father hood' different than the main stream fathers, that is the their life is the old style were mom takes care of all the needs of the children, its a peer group thing.
And yes the judges are morons.

DF said...

I forgot to mention, I am surprised that Phil got part of it right.
Why is it that the media and all refer to it as a 'custody fight' when all the father is trying to do is love his children and typically the mother wants total control. It just take one 'to tango' not two, and they also always say, 'what did you do to her to make her act like this'