Saturday, May 19, 2007

Anne Heche's husband says she's a bad mom

The Frisco paper reports:
Anne Heche's divorcing husband wants at least $33,000 a month in support and joint custody of the couple's 5-year-old son, saying the actress is a bad mother. ...

[Husband Coleman] Laffoon said Heche made some "very poor" parenting decisions in Vancouver, such as failing to provide Homer a car safety seat and making lunches that he did not like.

After one visit, she forgot to return Homer's favorite shoes and "his bedtime stuffed animals, which are very important to him and which caused him extreme distress," Laffoon said. ...

His court filing asks for at least $33,000 in spousal support for himself and estimates that living expenses for himself and their son, who lives with him, total $37,399 a month. An accountant hired on Laffoon's behalf submitted a court paper offering a guideline of $45,239 for monthly spousal and child support.
These cases sound kooky, but they are the predictable consequence of family court law. It doesn't matter whether the son can use that kind of money or not. If Heche earns big bucks as a TV star, then her ex-husband can demand support to live the same way.

Anne Heche sounds kooky all by herself. Her autobiography is titled "call me crazy" and says things like "I have been very clear to everybody that just because I'm getting married does not mean I call myself a straight."

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