Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ex-wife's court status memo

I just got a status memo from my ex-wife, in anticipation of seeing the judge next week. She now demands:
Petitioner respectfully requests the Court to do the following:
1. Rule on whose burden it is to prove Respondent's separate property contribution to the family home in order to ease issues in preparation for an inevitable trial;
2. Reserve jurisdiction of intellectual property issues; and
3. Order Respondent to once again pay the $6,500 to Bosso Williams law firm plus 10% interest calculated from the date payment was due
She filed for the divorce over 3 years ago. All this stuff should have already been resolved long ago. I hope that another trial is not inevitable.

The $6,500 is under appeal, and the local judge has no say over it. I have no idea what he'll say about the other issues. He ought to just terminate the case, as none of her arguments have any merit, as far as I can see.

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