Sunday, February 04, 2007

Arrest warrant for skipping class

Seattle crime news:
The Jan. 26 robbery attempt happened about 9 p.m. ... Authorities identified the robber as Samuel S. Curry, 21, of Renton, a father who was named in an arrest warrant for missing court-ordered domestic violence therapy.
Curry was shot and killed after robbing someone on the street of $4.

I am not going to defend Curry, but it is news to me that the police issue arrest warrants just because someone misses a domestic violence class.

In my case, I am not sure whether I was ever ordered to attend therapy or parenting classes or not. The family court judges here have a very hard time making themselves clear. They just implied that I had to do it to see my kids. The classes were a complete waste of time. It never occurred to me that I could get arrested for skipping class.

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Anonymous said...

Hey AngryDad, after reading you blog I understand how you must feel and would agree that sometimes parenting classes are an utter and complete waste of time, but this guy was a different kettle of fish all together.

He walked up to some average Joe on the street on his way to dinner with a first date and shoved a gun in his face. I know where this occurred and am here to say, it was not a "dark alley" kind of mugging. This idiot was pulling a lethal weapon in a well populated area. For a take of $4.00. I'd say this guy had SERIOUS anger management problems and the universe is a better place without him.

I realize some women have used the "DV" card when it was not warranted to give them the upper hand and wish that all who do or have done, some guy gives them a black eye someday for real.

However, I have known men and women who have filed DV charges for legitimate reasons and some did not make it out alive. One had her head blown off with a sawed off shotgun by her ex husband who then shot himself in front of their three kids. She was six months pregnant, and her ex had custody of the two boys. Before the split up she would show up to work on a regular basis with black eyes and bruises. she was a tiny thing (5'2", 110)and he was over 6 ft.

In my family the was a male family member who had to file against his wife to make her understand that no, she doesn't have the right to enter his apartment and yank the phone cord out of the wall. He would tell you that the anger management classes were beneficial in teaching her how to communicate like an adult instead of throwing tantrums like a toddler. Before he moved into his apartment, he had to replace FOUR interior doors in his house that she broke down trying to get to him. He moved out just so he could avoid being placed in a situation where he might be confused as the aggressor by the law.

Bottom line, this guy had committed a criminal act (DV) and was ordered to attend classes to be released from Community Supervision as a productive citizen. Unfortunately for him, he chose to go on being a dirt bag.

Skipping class when you have been charged with a CRIME is sheer stupidity. Regardless of your opinion of the effectiveness of those classes, It was court ordered as a condition of release and justified a warrant for his arrest.

What was done to you by the family courts was inexcuseable, but please don't ever think that true DV is not still a serious matter and those classes are what can keep a breadwinner out of jail and a family together.