Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kids are back

My kids just got back from a two-week trip. They reported that they were flower girls in a east-coast wedding. Apparently they were sworn to secrecy until now.

I hope my ex-wife is happy in her new marriage.


Anonymous said...

You didn't know that your kids were travelling to another state to go to your wife's wedding? Wow. I can't even imagine how destructive it must be to "swear the kids to secrecy" about something like that. She is creating a bad bad example for your kids! She could have handled it in such a positive honest way and allow the kids to really be excited about it - now they most likely feel that there is a bit of something needing to be hid - negative - about the wedding.... Plus once again she puts the girls in a negative position of having to take sides against you and encourages them to be liars - not at all healthy for them - a dangerous sick desperate game being played by her. If this is indicative of how she and her new husband plan to raise the kids, your kids are destined for troubled lives. Is she pregnant???? Perhaps the wedding was at the last minute.....

George said...

I knew that my ex-wife and the kids were going on a trip, and that some significant planning was involved. She went to the trouble of asking the court for a stipulated agreement to go, and I agreed. She did not even need any order from the court. Based on that, I guessed that the trip was important to her. I did not know where they were going or what they were doing.

If she wanted to keep her wedding plans a secret, that is okay with me. I was a little surprised that she was able to get the kids to keep her secret, but that's her business.