Friday, August 11, 2006

Getting billed for a sales pitch

I just got a copy of my credit report, and there was a negative item for a $179 bill to Dr. Gregory L. Katz PhD.

I did call Katz a couple of years ago. It was after I got a court-ordered custody evaluation from Bret K. Johnson. Johnson's report appeared to me to be grossly incompetent, but I wanted to get an independent opinion from someone in the business. Katz agreed to look at the report so I sent it to him. I told him that I might want to pay him to give his opinion in court, and he said that he was interested. He also does custody evaluations.

After reading Johnson's report, Katz refused to give me his opinion. Instead he insisted on giving me a sales pitch for his more thorough evaluations. He also said that he charges five times as much as Johnson.

I suppose that I could deduce that Katz thought that Johnson's report was worthless, but Katz didn't say anything useful to me, and he certainly wasn't going to testify in court unless it was to defend his own $8000 evaluation.

Then he sent me a bill for $164.

I paid more money than that to others to get opinions, even when I disagreed with those opinions. But Katz refused to give me his opinion so I saw no reason to pay him.

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