Saturday, February 25, 2006

SubGenius mom loses custody

A blog reports:
A Catholic judge took away from Rachel Bevilacqua custody of her son (which had previously been granted) based on pictures he saw of her, taken at a "Church of SubGenius" event called X-Day. The rationale was that, based on her participation in several pieces of "performance art," she was insane and unfit to be a mother. The child was, mind you, not present at this or any other X-Day event. ...

After the exhibits were entered, Judge James P. Punch announced that the images were "so disturbing" that he had to take a recess to compose himself. When he returned, he heard testimony from Jeff Jary and Rachel Bevilacqua. His Honor interrupted Jeff's lawyer to pose his own questions for Ms. Bevilacqua about the pictures, repeatedly asking "Why a goat?" and demanding that Rachel explain what was humorous in each of the photographs. Judge Punch became visibly angry and ended the hearing with a verbal outburst calling Ms. Bevilacqua a "pervert" and accusing the X-Day festival of being a venue for "sex orgies". He then ordered that Rachel Bevilacqua was to have no contact with her son from that moment on, not even in writing.
The story sounds wacky, but the judge should not be making custody decisions based on whether these goofy pictures are humorous or not.

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