Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Creating confusion

My ex-wife just said this to the court:
Due to the resulting massive legal costs from Mr. AngryDad's boldly unrelenting and litigious behavior, as his most recent motion for reconsideration exemplifies, I find myself unrepresented. I conservatively estimate that for every hour which Mr. AngryDad spends trying to create confusion, at least ten hours are spent by various individuals correcting the results.
This is ludicrous. I made every attempt to settle this outside of court. I even negotiated a marital settlement agreement with her. She got legal advice, and signed it. She is a lawyer herself.

Then, out of the blue, she hired Jennifer Gray as her lawyer for $40k and filed a motion for sole legal custody of our kids. She made an assortment of false claims in order to get custody and more money.

I didn't even make any counter-claims or motions. I just defended myself against her false charges. At all times, she refused to negotiate and vowed to punish me in court.

She did succeed in getting primary custody (and increased child support) for a year, but ultimately all of her legal attacks were fruitless. We are back to 50-50 custody, and the court rejected all of her allegations. Her whole legal effort has been one big waste of time and resources, and has made the kids suffer needlessly.

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