Friday, February 03, 2006

Ex-wife gets a job

My ex-wife just notified me that she got a full-time job as an attorney, starting Monday. She said that she will accept slightly reduced child support, starting on March 1.

Her gross pay is less than what she was asking me to pay her lawyer. I guess she must have found some poorly-paid area of law. One benefit might be that she'll have less time to cause trouble for me and the kids.

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Anonymous said...

Hey George, what I don't understand is why if you have 50/50 custody of the kids, and you both have jobs, and she is living with another man who takes care of her and the kids and is about to get married, why do you still have to pay child support? I understand child support in cases where a stay-at home mom with no job who has been supported her entire marriage is then suddenly left by her spouse all alone to take care of herself, a home and the kids - a really tragic situation in many cases; but in situations like yours, I just don't understand the reasoning, especially since she left you.....I will sign any petition that helps clarify the fairness in child support regulation in CA or the nation. I'm not anti child support, I just think that it needs to be doled out more justly and with reason. PS: a full-time attourney who works even at the lowest entry level, even if she is a secretary, will make over $24,000/year - if your ex is telling you that she is "full-time" and not makeing at least $40k, petition the court to see her income receipts. I recall that she made a big to-do about accusing you of hiding your earnings, well, if she is so "aware" of this practice to accuse you of it, then I am sure she is "aware" of how to do it!! Good Luck.