Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Her lawyer bails out

I just got this letter from my ex-wife's lawyer, Miss Jennifer J. Gray:
Dear Mr. AngryDad:

Enclosed please find a filed copy of a Substitution of Attorneys, indicating to the court and to you that Petitioner, [Mrs. AngryDad], is now representing herself in the above matter. Please be advised that the filing of this substitution in no way affects the court's recent order that any briefs responsive to Dr. Inkblot's evaluation report must be filed and served on or before October 6, 2005. Further, the review hearing remains on the court calendar for October 11, 2005, at 8:30 a.m.
in Department 4.

Very truly yours,
JJG/b Jennifer J. Gray
Good riddance! Miss Gray was dishonest, greedy, and evil. All she did was to drain money and cause misery to everyone involved, including the kids.

The one good thing about Miss Gray, from my point of view, is that she would always put her personal greed ahead of the interests of her client. If she had to choose between helping her client and generating additional billable hours, she took the billable hours every time.

The result was that she prolonged the case as much as possible, and never resolved anything. She refused to negotiate or settle any issue. We have been operating under temporary support orders for 15 months because she has never been willing to state her demands. She always has some lame excuse how she lost her financial papers or that I have failed to prove that I have enough money to justify to sort of demands that she would like to make. She ran up $45,000 in legal bills, and only ever got delays and temporary orders. She planned on getting me to pay her entire bills, but that didn't work out. Now she has decided that she has milked the case for most of what she can get, and would rather move on to fleecing other clients.

My ex-wife is a lawyer herself, so Ms. Gray's departure may not make too much difference. But I'm glad anyway. My ex-wife will no longer be able to hide behind her lawyer. She'll have to stand up and explain herself to the court.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations ! Now at least you have a chance at resolving the case in a resonable time frame..

George said...

Yes, you are right. I have a good feeling about this.

George said...

No champagne yet. The case is in chaos. I will not be knuckling under and giving up under any circumstances.