Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Answering public accusations

I just got this from my ex-wife:
To AngryDad,

I am writing you with the hope that after you read this letter, you will dismantle your blog site entitled The way in which you have gone about the journaling of your version of this divorce process has become an impediment to successful co-parenting efforts.

It has come to my attention that [our kids] have access to your angry dad blog site, have read it, and have witnessed you writing on it. They know that you write bad things about me on this blog. This is not beneficial for the children's well being or our attempts at co parenting.

It would be in the best interests of our children and co-parenting to dismantle your blog site.

Sincerely, [AngryMom]
No, I think that this blog has aided our co-parenting. My ex-wife does not listen to me, but she reads this blog. At least she learns my point of view, if nothing else.

This blog would be very different if I really used it to write bad things about my ex-wife. I do not believe in badmouthing my ex-wife, either to my kids or anyone else. But I do believe in defending myself against accusations. When those accusations are made publicly, then I will publicly defend myself.

Unfortunately, my ex-wife continues to say bad things about me in court, and my kids continue to suffer the consequences. If she stops attacking me in court, then it won't be necessary to defend myself any longer.

If my ex-wife really cared about the best interests of the children, then she would stop her current court action. She is desperately afraid that our kids will someday learn the details of what she has done.

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George said...

Thanks. I don't really get this co-parent argument. I think that I'll solicit some other views just to get a more objective opinion.