Thursday, February 17, 2005

Super Nanny

Hammertime comments on a TV show:
However, while Super Nanny did her usual great job of ironing things out, I noticed that every single episode has something in common. Well, a couple things are in common - faily well-off families who can't control their kids - but one was glaring. In every case, there is an uninvolved father. He was there, he mayhave even occasionally contributed, but as a whole, the fathers were passive and detached from the children.
A reader responds:
I have watched that program as well as the similar one, "Nanny Central" (which actually I liked better than Super Nanny). While I would agree (somewhat) regarding your comment about the 'uninvolved' parent, another thing that I've observed is that in some of the cases - the 'uninvolved' parent is that way (somewhat) because the mother is a bit on the overbearing/controlling type. As a result, when the father does try to do something - boom, she comes in and either gives him some flack and/or undoes what the father is/has been doing. Thereby undermining his effectiveness - I seen this in many, many of the episodes.
I thought that the little brat needed a good spanking, but that is not allowed on TV.

Mike writes:
I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that Dave Matthews expressed the same opinion last night on Leno's show. But then he also admitted that his favorite way of amusing his kids is by farting.
Matthews is lucky that he is not in family court.

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