Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hiding her boyfriend

I told my kids that I had to drop them off at my wife's apartment promptly at 7:00 pm because she was going to take them to a restaurant. The 7-year-old said, "we're probably just going to Bruce's house. We are supposed to call it the restaurant instead of Bruce's house."

Bruce is my wife's secret boyfriend. I wasn't supposed to know about him, but I had to admit in deposition that I knew about him, and that she and the kids sleep over with him on a regular basis. Apparently my wife had thought that she had sufficiently brainwashed the kids to conceal what was going on.

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Masculiste said...

OMG! My ex's boyfriend was named Bruce too. And she did EXACTLY the same thing. Only this was the guy she wanted me to work for, before we split up. That's what caused our break up. Usually that's how it goes.They hide em BEFORE the break up and then swear they got together with em AFTER the break up. But the kids always know. And they know what mommy's trying to pull too. I hope this doesn't hurt yours.