Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Another day of deposition

I sat thru another 3.5 hours of deposition. It was boring. I was worried that my wife's lawyer would present some evidence that is embarrassing or difficult to explain. Maybe she is saving it for trial.

She got me to admit that my wife buys the kids' clothes, that I don't always bathe the kids before putting them to bed, that I have driven the kids in my driveway without seat belts, that I have let them roller skate without helmets or wristguards, and that I sometimes tell the kids that they have to finish some task before dinner.

She asked what I thought of Melissa Berrenge, the court mediator. I had to admit that I thought that she was in over her head. For example, at the beginning of a court-ordered session with Berrenge, I asked her whether she was doing mediation or arbitration. She could not give me a straight answer. I think that she pretends to do mediation, but she is really doing nonbinding arbitration.

She asked what I thought of Bret Johnson, and I had to say that I had a low opinion of him also. I said that his custody report is not competent evidence, and that it fails to meet minimum standards for such a report. She asked a bunch of questions on how the report might be fixed, and I had to say that, after reading 4 books on the subject, I didn't see any way to fix it. It is just completely hopeless from beginning to end.

I half expected that either my wife or her lawyer to have found this blog, and to confront me with it during the deposition. I present some strong opinions here, and they would probably think that they could use them against me somehow. But no one mentioned it.

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