Sunday, December 12, 2004

Wife cancels vacation just to spite me

I just called my father-in-law, and he confirmed that my wife and kids cancelled their Florida visit and Caribbean cruise. He was mad. He accused me of ruining their Christmas, as he had bought tickets for all his 4 kids and 8 grandchildren. He said that she couldn't go because I wouldn't sign the papers. I told him that I had signed the papers, and he said that he didn't believe it. Then he said, "I hope that she doesn't treat you the way that you have treated her", and he hung up on me.

I am stunned. I expected my wife to go, whether she had a signed agreement or not. She had gotten the kids very excited about the trip, and their were counting down the days.

All I wanted was the opportunity to take our kids on a trip to visit my relatives. The court order provides for splitting the Christmas vacation 50-50, so don't know why she might object to that. She never even gave me an answer, so I don't really know if she objected or not. I called her several times on Friday evening, and left messages on her home answering machine and cellphone voicemail, telling her that I had a signed agreement waiting for her.

My father would say that she cut off her nose to spite her face.

My father-in-law is not entirely innocent in this matter. He was the one who paid the legal fees associated to my wife's motion for "sole legal custody" of our kids. That was the single most destructive act in our whole divorce court mess. Up until that point, he had always been good to me. I made one attempt to explain to him the damage that he was doing, but he wouldn't hear of it, and just told me to go get my own lawyer.


teleea said...

A shame about the short notice, George.

In the interest of your father-in-law not facing additional fees for late cancellation of air fare and cruise reservations, my children and I would be willing to stand in for yours.

My bags are packed and ready to go. Please advise.

George said...

It is a shame that the kids didn't get to go, after getting so excited about it. I actually hoped that my wife would violate the court order and go, because the trip would have been good for the kids.

I couldn't make any travel plans myself until my wife finished throwing her tantrum. I ended up having to buy first class tickets so we can visit my relatives. The whole thing is sad.