Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Modifying a court schedule

My wife successfully got a court-ordered custody schedule to her liking about 3 weeks ago, and now she has discovered that it conflicts with her long-planned Carribbean cruise. She has tickets to leave this weekend.

She first realized her problem on Monday evening, and tried to get me to give her permission over the phone. I had to explain to her that under the order she advocated, she has to give me an itinerary in advance, and to execute a signed agreement modifying the schedule. The next day she talked to her lawyer. She refused to send me an itinerary, and the lawyer tried to schedule an emergency court hearing to get some judge to approve the vacation.

I tried to tell my wife that we can get out from under the court order if only she is willing to settle the case. She said no.

I insisted on an itinerary, and my wife finally sent one yesterday. She plans to go on a 10-day trip, including a cruise out of Tampa to Grand Cayman, Mexico, and Belize. She and her lawyer have finally admitted that their court order can only be modified by a written and signed agreement. Her lawyer finally drafted a proposed agreement and emailed it to me at 3:27 pm. By 4:00, my wife was already complaining that I hadn't signed it yet.

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