Monday, November 15, 2004

Should I lie to protect the kids?

Janie thinks that I should avoid telling the kids anything about the family court, and instead pretend that my wife and I agreed to all of the court orders. She writes:
To tell them what "each parent wanted," and "what the court ordered," is to say to them: Your Dad is a victim. Mom and the Court screwed him over, and he had no control. He had been going along doing everyting right, everything he was supposed to do, eating his vegetables, following the laws, working hard, being a good husband and good father, treating his wife with love, adoration, respect, and generosity as all husbands should do. Despite all that - despite the fact that I've been perfect and done nothing wrong, your evil Mom and the evil Court screwed me over, and now you don't get to see me as much as I want, or you want. Isn't the world a SCARY FU**ING PLACE??!!?
Yes, the world is a scary place. Sooner or later, my kids will learn the truth.

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