Thursday, November 11, 2004

California trends

Here is a good article by Wendy McElroy:
This week, California became a flash point in the drive to amend child custody laws across North America.
Some sneaky politicians were trying to make it easier for mom's to move kids away from their dads. We need fathers rights groups to monitor this.


Masculiste said...

We are George. There was a recent case out of Cal. 'Navarro v. La Musca(the second name is not accurate I'm sure but you could easily find it anyway) where a mother wanted to move her kid away from the dad in CA, but the court said no. It was a pretty famous case.

I think it would take a lot to overturn that new law so early but you're right! It's worth staying on top of...
BTW, keep up the great writing! I always look forward to your daily entries.

George said...

You can get the documents on LaMusga v. LaMusga here.