Sunday, November 07, 2004

Re-education orders

A reader suggests that the court shrink is just a bureaucrat exercising his authority, and that he is not evil or malicious.

I cannot accept that. The shrink has proposed ordering the kids ripped from their homes, and my contact reduced to Wednesday visits and two weekends per month.

The shrink also wants to order me to attend 6 months of parenting classes and 6 months of psychological counseling from one of his looney colleagues. I must also waive confidentiality, and have "progress" reports submitted to the court. He says that even those occasional visits to my kids should be reduced "if Father is not willing to commit to the suggested interventions and truly demonstrate he will improve these issues".

If I do complete the 6-month re-education and the court approves of my progress, then I am to be rewarded by substituting 2 Thursdays (afternoon and evening) for the 2 of the Wednesday afternoons every month! That's all. Six months of torture for only a couple of extra evenings with my kids every month.

If you've just started reading this blog, you must be wondering what sort of monster I must be. I may not be perfect, but his report found no abuse, neglect, domestic violence, criminal behavior, drug use, or anything like that. His interview of the kids showed that they wanted to be with me half time. All indications were that the kids were doing well.

So what justifies the court shrink's radical order? His report said:
It appears that he is exhibiting denial that suggests, at the very least, a stubborn resistance to admitting fault and a resistance to looking at learning healthier parenting skills.

His dismissal of Mom's concerns as trivial shows a real blind spot and perhaps points to the problems ... [the evidence] suggests he runs things in his own way, on his own time, and may not take new input well with regards to the children's best interests.
Keep in mind that although the shrink conducted what the county calls a "full investigation", he did not visit my home, talk to teachers or other witnesses, assess what I have done for the kids, or anything like that. His reasoning is essentially this: Mom has gripes; Dad doesn't confess; give Mom the kids; and send Dad to a re-education camp.

This is not just some misguided bureaucrat trying to do his job. His graduate education in psychology did not teach him to go around punishing people who do things their own way. He does not draw on any research or expertise for his conclusions. He is actively going around ruining people's lives.

Some of the worst abuses in the old Soviet Union was sending political dissidents to forced psychiatric treatments or re-education camps. This is worse. I am guilty until proven innocent. But I cannot prove my innocence because I am not even accused of anything criminal. Until now, I would not have believed that this is possible in the USA.


Meg said...


I'm so sorry. Can you request a 2nd eval? In our case we went through 3... Let me know if I can help with anything


George said...

I didn't know that I could request a second evaluation. I guess that it is worth a try. I am told that the judge nearly always rubber-stamps the recommendation from the evaluation.

Meg said...

The first reccomendation went in our favor but his ex had already laid the groundwork to start the second before the first ended - she was meeting with the second evaluator before the court ordered the evaluation. She actually requested it before the first had been submitted, which the judge denied. After it was rendered he did accept the request - this one went her way (big surprise considering she had been seeing this guy for several months). He never came to our home, spoke with me, spoke with the child and only spoke my husband twice.

Needless to say we had a pretty bad feeling about the whole thing. So as soon as that one came in we requested a third as a tiebreaker. Third time was a charm for us - but the whole thing was extremely expensive.

If you can request one (we are not in California) you probably need to do it ASAP - before the judge holds a hearing on the first. You need some kind of reasoning -like not thorough or something to justify the request... at least in my experience.

Good luck and let me know if I can help with anything...


Anonymous said...

Hi angry dad,

It will be no comfort to you but the same happened to me. I live in the Netherlands and was married to a woman later diagnosed with amongst others a borderline personality disorder. She spend 4 months in a psychiatric clinic and was send to another clinic for a year of intensive therapy. She decided not to do that and that I was the one who was mad.
During the following divorce a fake psych evaluation ordered by the court demonstrated there was nothing wrong with her and she even was the better parent. She got custody and I got visitation.
I had a specialized psychological bureau check the used procedure and they concluded that the method they used was totally unfit to demonstrate any personality disorders. The court neglected this report.

Same soviet style use of psychiatry.

Result: A one year old child has to stay with a woman described by a REAL psychiatrist as "exceptionally severely disturbed" and "possibly dangerous to her child". It is almost certain that my son will suffer from this and eventually will develop some mental defects himself.

And I get to watch that.

You're not alone.

George said...

Wow. I had assumed that only Americans would be so nutty as to rely on quack shrinks in this way.