Monday, December 21, 2015

Dad wants opinion to be forgotten

I just received a request from a fellow angry dad to remove his name from my blog.

I get these requests occasionally, which is odd because almost everyone is anonymous. The only names come from published news stories

Europe has a Right to be forgotten, where you can sometimes force Google to remove listings from their search engine.

This guy just wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper, pointing out some of the bad incentives of the family court. Now he says that the court is holding this against him, as apparently anyone with an opinion about the family court must be an inferior parent.

A problem with the men's rights movement is that very few men want to be recognized as a men's rights activist.

The problem is even worse with Child Protective Services. There could be millions of people who disapprove of CPS, but no one wants to defend accused child abusers.

How far does this go? I can imagine a company not hiring someone because a web search showed that he once made some pro-Trump comments on Facebook. The company might be concern that a future discrimination lawsuit might find the posting, and argue that the company managers are bigots.

Since Google, Facebook, Apple, and others are destroying our privacy, I would expect that soon most people will have embarrassing things in their past, and others will get bored by it all.

The guy who asked to have his name removed did not even say anything embarrassing. He was just writing in favor of shared custody, and against court policies that make it more difficult.

I really doubt that he is going to lose child custody because of such an opinion, but court officials can arbitrarily consider whatever they want, and he was concerned enuf to write to me.

It is a sad day when a man has to repudiate a letter to a newspaper editor because he wants to see his kids.

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