Thursday, December 17, 2015

Actress loses final decision

I previously reported, in 2012, 2014, and 2015, on this actress whose scorched-earth sole custody tactics backfired. The dad won a final decision:
Kelly Rutherford has lost custody of her two children with a Monaco judge making a final decision on the lengthy legal case that has seen her locked in litigation with her ex-husband for more than six years. ...

As per the ruling, Rutherford will also receive $3,281 a month from Giersch in maintenance.

“I think like any parent would feel, you know”.

As she exited the Monacan court, Rutherford, who founded the Children’s Justice Campaign to help families with similar legal issues, told the waiting paparazzi that she “had no words”.
She stole the kids, got him deported, and got the American media on her side. I don't know why she is getting support payments, if he has the kids and she is a successful Hollywood actress.

The news article might have been machine-translated. It is getting harder to tell.

Most readers blame the parents, but the fault is really with the legal system for creating a 6-year process for a high-stakes winner-take-all battle for proving who is the better parent. But I have given up making this point. I only post this because I previously followed the case.

Update: (Dec. 30) Dad sues Vanity Fair in Germany for libel, as it took the mom's side.


Anonymous said...

And as you've pointed out before, it isn't even about who's the better parent any more: it's about who's the best parent, because today Johnnie or Janie may have three or more parents.

Anonymous said...

"but the fault is really with the legal system for creating a 6-year process"

What else can they do? Courts are obliged to hear everyone once, no matter if they are crazy or obviously lying. And they have a lot of cases to churn through.

George said...

Many of these disputes are about 2 fit parents each trying to show that he or she is the better parent. I think that shared custody should be automatic in such cases, and the court should not look at any evidence.

Admittedly, this case was made difficult when the actress got her husband deported, and they now live on different continents. But they have money, and could ship the kid back and forth every 6 months.

roisin cassidy said...

I agree with you on this on George, I'm sick of people or the media blaming the parents. The courts are designed to polarize parents even more than they already are. She should have been given as close to 50/50 as possible and then she would have had less reason to go to court.