Monday, March 10, 2014

Feminist utopia and potato heads

If you want the scoop on feminism, head to Scandinavia, a feminist utopia. Here is a report on a political movement:
In 2005, some Swedish feminists got together and decided it was time for a political party that held feminism as its guiding set of principles. The primary goal of the movement was to eliminate sexism, racism and class differences in society. The strand of feminism that this party represented was radical feminism, as the focus was on patriarchy, patriarchy and more patriarchy. Radical feminism has a hyper focus on blaming men for social ills, as opposed to liberal feminism, which is more targeted at legal “inequities.” The party was called the Feminist Initiative, or FI.

However, let’s step through creation of the party, it’s time in the spotlight and it’s ultimate demise at the polls. In 2004, there was some restless stirring on the feminist left about the abolition of marriage – replacing it with a gender-neutral, polyamorous institution. Essentially, this would be creating a government institution that allows for formal recognition of any two or more persons. Further, there was some anger at the fact Sweden hadn’t adopted Norway’s gender quotas for corporate boards. Norway, in 2003, had passed a law that mandated that 40% of publically owned companies must be filled with women. This feminist malcontent lead to an exploratory meeting to find out if a feminist party should be formed. ...

The major parties and the government began to change some of their positions. First, they allowed for free artificial insemination for lesbian couples, regardless of formal status. Second, was the upgrade of homosexual relations from registered partnerships to full marriage. Third, was pushing forced female participation on corporate boards. Even — in that spring — feminist outrage cancelled the Miss Sweden pageant.

However, the real impetus – being anti-male – began to seep through. What kicked off the public’s souring on the party started with the release of the movie “The Gender War.” This movie described in detail how radical and how anti-male shelters for women are in Sweden. A feminist activist in the movie stated that half of women in Sweden are victims of male violence, a clearly false claim. Further complicating matters was a positive reference to the SCUM Manifesto – most specifically the quote, “To call a man an animal is to flatter him: he’s a machine, a walking dildo.” The director of Sweden’s women’s shelther, Under Von Wachenfeldt, agreed with statement, saying: “Yes, man is an animal. Don’t you agree?”
If you cannot live in Scandinavia, then new research shows that you can more easily brainwash your little girl with potato-heads:
A new study at Oregon State University finds that girls between the ages of 4 and 7 are influenced by Barbie to believe a woman’s place is in the home. Mrs. Potato Head, however, and changes that perception.

The same 37 girls in the study whose career ambitions were shuttered by Barbie were bolstered to believe they could become whatever they wanted after spending as little as five minutes with Mrs. Potato Head, the Los Angeles Times reported.
I saw a girl in a restaurant yesterday who looked just like a Barbie doll. Usually I just see potato heads this time of year. If the feminist parties gain power, all kids will have to play with potato heads.

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