Monday, March 31, 2014

Anonymous anti-dad judge unmasked

Fellow Angry Dad Dan Brewington posts:
Indiana Appellate Judge John G. Baker: "It was Judge Ezra H. Friedlander who filed the Anonymous Decision in Brewington Divorce Appeal."
Dan is out of prison now, and I hope he is not risking himself again.

I dobn't understand how any judge could have ever issued an anonymous opinion in his case. They routinely hand down signed opinions against murderers, gangsters, terrorists, drug dealers, and others. Dan has never hurt anyone. His only crime is that he wants to see his kids, and he explains his saga on his blog.

Here is my guess for what the judge is thinking: Murderers and other criminals know that they have done something wrong, and that they deserves to get punished. No one can explain what Dan has done wrong.

Deep down, the judge probably realizes that he is doing a horrible thing to punish a good dad and his kid, and he is ashamed of himself. So ashamed that he did not want his name on his opinion.

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