Monday, November 16, 2009

Wiper inventor fought Big Auto and bitter ex-wife

Someone points out a movie distortion:
Remember "Flash of Genius," the movie where the wife left the inventor and I praised Hollywood's resistance to feminist ideology in making the film? I researched the facts thoroughly and thought I had a full understanding of it all. I knew the movie still was overly complimentary to the wife who left, but I was stunned by seeing a fact that that was concealed in the movie, concealed in the Wikipedia gossip, and hidden in the all the press accounts but one. Far from standing by her ex-husband during the trial, as portrayed in the movie and in all but one accounts, the ex-wife was having her husband thrown in jail for failure to pay a mere $700 in alimony (and failing to vacate a house)!!!! Moreover, he served 35 days in jail, beginning the same month that the jury rendered its $10 million verdict. He may have even been in jail with the jury returned a verdict; he was absent from his own patent trial at the end. See: Wash. Post article.
He was previously impressed by this movie's adherence to the facts.

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