Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ex-wife blames me in court filing

My ex-wife just filed this with the family court, for the hearing tomorrow:
Status Conference Statement

Currently, Dr. [name omitted], a qualified psychologist practicing in [Silicon Valley] has agreed to be appointed as the child custody evaluator for our case. I have also agreed to her appointment. George has not agreed to her appointment. After being appointed, she wishes to receive some clarification from the Court regarding the Appointment Order.

It is apparent that George has no intention of ever participating in an evaluation. Instead, he is systematically trying to create a scenario in which he claims that I am the one who is "not cooperating". He is then using this fabricated scenario to file OSC after OSC against me, while hoping that the Court just ignores the case history and awards George 50/50 custody of our children without him ever having to follow Court orders or get an evaluation.

George is wasting not only the Court's and my time and resources, but the psychologists who we contact who think that George is seriously interested in undergoing an evaluation. At this point, I consider George's court actions full of deliberate misrepresentations, his daily bombardment of emails, and his blogsite postings to be harassment.
My ex-wife is doing the misrepresenting. Here are the facts.

This psychologist called me last week and told me that she was refusing to the evaluation as ordered, because her lawyer advised her not to.

I have found four forensic psychologists who are willing to do the evaluation as ordered, and my ex-wife has refused to cooperate with any of them. She is the one who is not obeying court orders.

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