Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CPS investigates octuplets mom

I am waiting to see what Child Protective Services will do about Nadya Suleman, the octuplet mom. She has a legal obligation to take care of her kids, but she has no husband, no job, no home of her own, and no ability to care for her kids even before the octuplets. Her only money came from welfare fraud, as she lied about being disabled.

There has been a complaint filed, and CPS is required to investigate it. They can charge her with child neglect, and put the kids up for adoption in real families. If CPS can decide that setting an alarm clock is child abuse, then they can certainly act against Suleman.

Update: Here is the lastest:
Octomom Nadya Suleman and her 14 kids are soon to be homeless.

Extra has obtained documents stating that Suleman’s mother, Angela Suleman, has fallen 10 months behind in payments for her 3-bedroom home in Whittier, California and owes the mortgage company $23,225!

In 2006, Angela borrowed $453,750 from IndyMac Bank, agreeing to make monthly payments on her loan, but last May she stopped making the payments. In 2008, Angela filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, claiming she has between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in liabilities.


Unknown said...

My sister was just told by her Special Master that if the kids' school grades don't improve then he will take the kids away from both parents and put them in foster homes. The legal system is so corrupt.

Anonymous said...

they should take her kids!!!! We are a family of 4 with 2 beautiful girl we both we full time and we still struggle shes part of our problem these days take the kids put them up for adoption with families that can really love and afford these babies and raise them right she has serious mental problems

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Oh yeah, my comment about Octo-welfare-mom:

1. No one should have fertility treatments if they are on disability or welfare. If you don't have the financial wherewithal to support children, you shouldn't have them.

2. CPS is corrupt and capricious. They give abusers custody of kids and turn around and take kids away from perfectly good parents. There's federal money pouring into our counties for the express purpose of taking kids away from their parents and adopting them out.

Anonymous said...

Get a job quit living off the system and put the pipe down who cares if you brother in law has mental problems you sister was the won who had kids with him what does that say about your sister!!!!!!!!!!!Her kids should of been taken too!!!! you people are disturbed :-)

Unknown said...

Well anonymous

First of all I thought you originally commented on my sister. Angry Dad knows about this situation. The mental illness was not apparent until after my sister married the guy, and he will continue to get worse as time goes by. My sister works FOR YOUR INFORMATION. No one in my family lives off "the system".

start/ Sarcasm

How about we threaten to take your children away because you don't know how to use proper grammar? You know, that might be child abuse and being a bad parent since you won't teach you children proper English.

end /Sarcasm

George said...

If the court had its act together, then it would not even be using a Special Master.

Bee said...

Nadja has no money, no father figure for her children, no home in her name (rental or ownership)
all she has are 14 children and a twisted mind.
I am sorry to say - it will be better for the children to be taken to good, decent homes.
I listened to her parents speak- what is wrong with that family?
Her Mother assumes that once Nadja finishes school she will earn enough to house and fee 14 kids?
And till Nadja finishes school the kids are going to live of air?
This has gone from weird to impossible to tragic.

George said...

What is wrong with that family? I don't know, but the biggest question is why our society pays crazy single moms to have babies that they cannot care for.

Anonymous said...

If Octomom has received payments (millions?)for appearing on talk shows, how does she still even qualify for food stamps? Wouldn't a million dollars or two disqualify her because she would have made too much money? Shouldn't she, and not California taxpayers also pay for the hospital care for the Octopi after she received payment? I didn't think people that made that much, no matter how many children they have, could be on welfare.

Teri Stoddard said...

You don't have your facts right. She has 3 disabled kids who get money. She also got a disability settlement and student loans.