Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why San Jose couple lost their baby boy

The SJMN articles tell the story of Marquita Jackson, but they strangely omit the story told last Friday on ABC-KGO-TV news:
The two went to individual counseling, couples counseling, a year-long parenting without violence class, everything their social worker required. But in the end they lost their son, primarily because he would never admit to hurting him.
The boy is now healthy, and no one ever determined whether the father was at fault for baby's injury. But the vindictive and malicious judges cannot tolerate a father who maintains his innocence.

Considering that no one can determine whether the father did anything wrong, and even if he did, the problem is extremely unlikely to happen again, this couple should get their son back. The newspaper does not go nearly far enough in assigning blame to the judicial system. The judges, commissioners, referees, lawyers, and social workers must all be cruel and sadistic people.

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