Sunday, February 17, 2008

San Jose DA responds

I mentioned below that the San Jose paper attacked the local prosecutors for pretending to represent kids when they really just advocate against parents.

Now the paper has published a reply from the chief County District Attorney Dolores Carr. She writes:
Start with the reality that all of the children represented by attorneys from the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office have been the victims of serious abuse or neglect.
She then goes into a tirade about how all the parents are guilty.

She just proved the newspaper's point. She and her $180k-a-year attorneys start with the premise that the parents are at fault, and that the kids should be removed from the parents. They will not make any effort to determine whether the kids have really been abused or neglected.

She continues:
A few judges were quoted saying that in an ideal world prosecutors would not represent dependent children. But the series offers the most eloquent rebuttal of that view by demonstrating what happens when counties hire private attorneys who have an incentive to spend as little money as possible on representing their clients. ... The district attorney's office has provided these children with the best representation that public money can buy.
It appears that both the public and private lawyers are selling out their clients. They are more loyal to the agency that pays they inflated salaries than to the kids, and they do not zealously argue for their clients, as they are ethically required to do.

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